Monday, November 17, 2008

Amver Awards in Singapore

As reported by the United States Coast Guard Fourteenth District, the U.S. Embassy in Signapore, in conjunction with U.S. Coast Guard officials, recognized more than 434 ships from 51 Singapore-based companies at an official ceremony celebrating their work in maintaining safety of life at sea.

At a ceremony at the Marina Mandarin Hotel Thursday, Nov. 13, 2008, the commanding officer of the Coast Guard's Activities Far East (FEACT) unit, and other Coast Guardsmen, paid tribute to the crews and shipping companies for their participation in the Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue (Amver) System last year.

"We are proud to recognize these partners," said Capt. Gerald Swanson, FEACT commanding officer. "It is our privilege to bring together those who are part of the Amver program and thank them for their diligence and professionalism and commitment to safety of life at sea."

U.S. Coast Guard Activites Far East is headquartered in Tokyo with offices in Singapore and Seoul, and is a multi-mission unit responsible for international port security, maritime safety and engagement throughout a 41-nation Asia-Pacific region.

Recently a Singapore managed ship, the M/V Navig8 Stealth II, managed by Navig8 Ship Management, rescued 6 sailors from the sunken fishing vessel Jose Almuina.

We congratulate the Singapore Shipping Association on their achievement and thank Singapore for supporting Amver.

Above: Representatives from six Singapore-based shipping companies receive Amver Plaques signifying 15 consecutive years of voluntary reporting to Amver. Mr. Daniel Shields (left), Charge d' Affairs, US Embassy Singapore (left) and CAPT Gerald Swanson, US Coast Guard Activities Far East look on. (USCG photo)

Above: CAPT Gerald Swanson presents representatives from three Singapore-based shipping companies with Amver Plates signifying 20 consecutive years of voluntary reporting to Amver. (USCG photo)

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