Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Amver Ship Diverted To Rescue French Kite Surfer Over 1,000 Miles Southeast Of Hawaii

French kite surfer Anne Quemere, adrift and dangerously low on supplies, has decided to abandon ship 1,770 miles southeast of Hawaii. The Maersk Mytilini, an Amver participating container ship, has been diverted to rescue her.

The French adventurer departed San Francisco in a 19 foot kite sailing boat, the Adrien, on Nov. 4 attempting to sail to Tahiti when her sail was damaged and she drifted into an area of the Pacific Ocean with little wind known as the Doldrums. After trying to navigate back into good winds for almost a week Quemere notified French rescue authorities of her situation.

French rescue authorities, recognizing her remote location, enlisted the help of the United States Coast Guard. The United States Coast Guard Fourteenth District Command Center quickly queried the Amver system for participating vessels near the distress location and diverted the Panamanian flagged container ship.

The Maersk Mytilini, managed by the Danaos Corporation of Piraeus, Greece, was advised of the complexity of the situation and is sailing at top speed to rescue the French woman. They are expected to arrive on scene at 8 p.m. EST Dec. 10th.

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