Thursday, January 22, 2009

10 Top Amver Award Recipients

We finally have the 2008 final Amver awards results. Amver is pleased to announce the top ten Amver award recipients by country:

  1. Greece- 862 awards
  2. Japan- 615 awards
  3. Germany- 583 awards
  4. Singapore- 502 awards
  5. USA- 438 awards
  6. Norway- 407 awards
  7. Hong Kong- 325 awards
  8. Great Britain- 320 awards
  9. Netherlands- 145 awards
  10. Cyprus- 125 awards
The Amver awards are calculated each calendar year. Awards are given to participating vessels available on plot at least 128 days per year. There were 5,542 vessels earning Amver awards in 2008 which is true testimony to the mariners that participate in the program.

Amver salutes the top 10 award recipients and looks forward to a successful awards season. Information will be forthcoming regarding Amver awards guidance for 2009.

In the meantime I hope the world will join Amver in congratulating all Amver award participants. Well done!

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