Thursday, March 26, 2009

CMA Shipping 2009 Wrap Up

Yesterday was the final day of the Connecticut Maritime Association Shipping 2009 Conference and Exhibition. Amver found the entire event packed with just the right mix of people to call our participation an unbridled success.

The highlight of the CMA Shipping exhibition is always the Gala Dinner and Shipping 2009 did not disappoint. In a fashion reminiscent of the passing of U.S. Presidential powers, the succession of duties of CMA Commodore passed peacefully from John Fredriksen, of Frontline, to Captain Wei Jiafu, of COSCO.

Amver was excited to have an opportunity to thank Captain Wei for COSCO's participation in Amver and encourage him to have the entire COSCO fleet actively enrolled and participating in Amver.

Finally, Amver would like to thank everyone that stopped by the booth to say hello, congratulate us on our Plimsoll award, or just see what's new in the world of search and rescue.

We look forward to seeing you at Shipping 2010!

What is your favorite part of Shipping 2009?

(USCG photo by Beverly Howard)

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