Friday, May 8, 2009

10 Ways To Learn About Social Media

Jump on the social media bandwagon

In 2008 Amver embarked on a journey into social media. We established a Facebook presence, a Twitter account, a Flickr page, and a YouTube channel. Amver isn't alone. Following the example of United States Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Thad Allen, who maintains his own Facebook fan page and blog, we decided the world of social media would be worth exploring. There are several other Coast Guard related social media outlets, most notably the Unofficial Coast Guard Blog, the official Coast Guard Twitter account, and several District blogs.

Thinking of joining us? Want to learn more? Looking to improve your social media know how? Here are 10 suggestions that helped us. See how they can help you on your social media journey.
  1. Read Problogger for-what else-great information and advice on blogging.
  2. Check out Chris Brogan's blog for more social media advice.
  3. Listen to podcasts like Marketing Over Coffee, Media Hacks, or Managing the Gray to learn about useful social media applications, trends, and tactics.
  4. Check out Guy Kawasaki's post about using Twitter.
  5. If you are in government and considering implementing Twitter check out Bearing Point's government Twitter directory for government agencies using Twitter.
  6. Set up a Google alert for your brand, agency, or company to learn what people are saying about you.
  7. Attend a Podcamp. Podcamps are (usually) free "unconferences" where you can learn how to blog, podcast, or engage in other social media strategies.
  8. Government social media novices can check out Jeff Levy on Twitter. Jeff is the EPA's web manager and a government 2.0 strategist.
  9. Another good source for government social media advice is Dr. Mark Drapeau who regularly Tweets and writes about the evolving government social media culture in Federal Computer Week.
  10. Read other maritime blogs such as gCaptain or Sea-Fever to see how they are using social media.
Ready to take part in the conversation? Let us know how you are employing social media in the maritime sector. What have you found to be most successful?

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Peter A. Mello, Sea-Fever blog said...


Thanks for mentioning the Sea-Fever blog.

Sea-Fever Consulting LLC also recently launched seaz media, a division focused on helping maritime organizations, nonprofits and small businesses get their feet wet in social media. Anyone interested in learning more can email me at

Keep up the great work here!