Thursday, September 17, 2009

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Arctic Ocean

It seems there is no shortage of articles and opinions about global warming, shipping, and how that relates to the Arctic. In fact, Amver's boss, United States Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Thad Allen recently provided a nice round up of Arctic links in the trip synopsis of his northern visit.

is no stranger to writing about the Arctic. Whether it be suggestions we have for Arctic search and rescue or an interview with an Arctic shipping expert, we have covered the Arctic many times.

Recently, however, the New York Times featured a story about the Beluga Group and their success using the Northern Sea Route to move fuel between Russian ports. Beluga is no stranger to Amver with many of their ships enrolled in the system.

As we prepare for our trip to NEVA, and an Amver awards ceremony in Russia, we hope the increased focus on Arctic shipping will spur greater participation in Amver by ice class vessels or those transiting polar waters.

Do you think shipping will increase in the Arctic Ocean?

Photo credit: uploaded to Flickr by Alaskan Librarian

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