Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Amver Container Ship Assists Fishing Vessel

The Amver participating container ship ACX Diamond was diverted by United States Coast Guard rescue authorities to assist a disabled fishing vessel approximately 100 miles northwest of the island of Ponape on October 4, 2009.

The NFC Chuuk adrift approximately 100 miles northwest of Ponape

The ACX Diamond, a Singapore flagged container ship, was on a voyage from New Zealand to Toxyo when rescue authorities in Guam contacted the ship about a distress beacon approximately 136 miles from their location. The Diamond was diverted because it participates in the Amver search and rescue system. It enrolled in July, 2009.

Captain Carino, master of the Diamon, ordered the crew to sail to the distress location and prepare for rescue operations. After eight hours the Diamond arrived alongside the fishing vessel NFC Chuuk dead in the water. " We had been adrift for four days with main engine troubles and no spare parts," said Fabian Maithay, Captain of the NFC Chuuk.

The crew of the ACX Diamond prepares for rescue operations

After coming alongside the Chuuk, Captain Carino's crew determined repairs were impossible and towed the vessel towards the FSS Independence which had been dispatched by rescue authorities to complete the rescue. All seven crewmen of the NFC Chuuk were in good health.

Rescue 4
The fishing vessel NFC Chuuk under tow by the ACX Diamond

Photo credit: Crew of the ACX Diamond

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