Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thad Allen speaks at the International Boat Show

If you weren't able to attend Thad Allen's presentation today at the International Boat Show here is the breakdown of Tweets we provided.  It was nice to see our old boss today.  Despite a hoarse voice he provided an excellent overview of leadership in complex incidents drawing on his experience from Hurricane Katrina, Haiti, and the Deepwater Horizon spill.  He also answered questions from the audience.

What's he up to now?  He's working as a Fellow at the Rand Corporation.  Want to hear more from Allen?  Check out his interview with the Harvard Business Review.  All tweets are paraphrased.

On with the Tweets:

If you don't have unity of effort you won't effectively respond 2 an incident ADM Allen #iwbs10
We lost continuity of govt in the initial stages of #Katrina ADM Allen #iwbs10
#Deepwaterhorizon was closer to Apollo 13 than the Exxon Valdez-ADM Allen #iwbs10
The worst thing you can do is try & run an incident from Wash, DC- ADM Allen #iwbs10
Washington, DC- the 3,000 mile screwdriver! -ADM Allen#iwbs10

ADM Allen's use of vessels of opportunity in#deepwaterhorizon reminds me of the vessels used to evac British soldiers at Dunkirk #iwbs10

There will never be another incident where volunteers won't be involved, including social media -ADM Allen #iwbs10#gov20

If you can't bring these volunteers into the process they'll go straight 2 the press & U have bigger issues-ADM Allen#iwbs10

It didn't matter if I trusted BP, what mattered if BP trusted me -ADM Allen #iwbs10

ADM Allen was asked what he thought was his greatest accomplishment "transforming the USCG 2 B more flexible/agile" #iwbs10

ADM Allen asked his biggest disappointment "not getting an Authorization Bill" #iwbs10

"The public's tolerance of the Responsible Party is inversely proportionate 2 the size of the spill" ADM Allen #iwbs10

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