Thursday, August 4, 2011

Amver ship sinks off India

Tradewinds newspaper reports this morning that 30 crewmen aboard the Amver participating bulk carrier  Rak Carrier were rescued off the coast of Mumbai, India after the ship started taking on water.

According to the report:
"The Indian Coast Guard sent a helicopter and rescue boat to the Rak Carrier and found some seafarers already in the water." 

The Rak Carrier was on a voyage to Gujarat carrying Indonesian coal when it sent a mayday message stating it had water in its holds and the bow was sinking.

The Panamanian flagged Rak Carrier, operated by Delta Shipping Marine Services of Qatar, enrolled in the Amver system in 2004.

More information is available in this Indian Press Bureau press release.

Photo credit: Tradewinds

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