Thursday, September 22, 2011

Marshall Island flagged Amver ship rescues 12

A international search and rescue effort involving MRCC Madrid, U.S. Coast Guard rescue coordinators and an Amver ship resulted in 12 sailors being rescued from their vessel. On September 9, 2011 Spanish rescue authorities requested an Amver surface picture to assist a boat in distress in their search and rescue region.

The request was routed through the U.S. Coast Guard Atlantic Area command center and Amver information was immediately sent back to Madrid. The Marshall Island flagged tanker, Cape Tallin, was near the distress and diverted to offer assistance.

Once on scene the crew of the Cape Tallin, managed by Columbia Shipmanagement of Cyprus, quickly rescued the 12 sailors. The Cape Tallin enrolled in the Amver system in April, 2009 and has earned three Amver participation awards.

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