Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Billionaire Paul Allen's yacht Octopus assists in search for missing plane

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's mega yacht Octopus, an Amver participant since 2011, assisted in the search for a missing aircraft in the Pacific. The Palau maritime patrol aircraft, with an American and two Palau police officers on board, disappeared while tracking a possible illegal Chinese fishing vessel.

U.S. Coast Guard authorities in Guam first learned of the aircraft disappearance on April 1, 2012 when they were contacted by Palau maritime authorities who reported a Cessna, with three people on board, was low on fuel and experiencing troubles with its GPS. The aircraft crew stated they were lost, but had life jackets and an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB). The last transmission from the aircraft was overheard by the Octopus and a policeman on the beach in Kokor.

The 414 foot yacht is an ideal platform for search and rescue. According to the Octopus Wikipedia page it's equipped with two helicopters, seven tenders, and two submarines. 

In addition to the Octopus, the Coast Guard  Cutter Jarvis was diverted to assist in the search.

Mega yachts can easily assist in search and rescue cases and are encouraged to enroll in Amver. You can learn more about Amver here.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

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