Thursday, August 9, 2012

Greek Amver ship saves Canadian sailor

A 72 year old Canadian sailor, on a voyage from Maui to Vancouver, was plucked from the sailboat Turicum by a Greek Amver participant on Tuesday August 7, 2012, 1040 nautical miles north northeast of Hawaii after experiencing a condition that required medical attention.

The 72 year old Vancouver resident was returning on the 44 foot sailing vessel when a medical condition worsened and he became dehydrated. The crew of the Turicum notified U.S. Coast Guard rescue authorities in Honolulu who began querying the Amver system for commercial ships that could assist.

The Hanjin Vancouver initially agreed to divert and assist the sailor but the Greek flagged Navarino was closer and agreed to divert towards the sailboat and help the ill yachtsmen.

"We are 320 miles from the Turicum's last reported position," stated the Captain of the Navarino, "we expect to meet in 12 hours. Please pass to the vessel to maintain 150 meridian." The Captain rendezvoused with the Turicum ahead of schedule and maneuvered the 1000 foot container ship within 4 meters of the sailboat, providing a lee from the wind. The crew of the Navarino then used a tether to transfer the sailor through the pilot entrance. The sailor was uninjured in the transfer.

The Navarino, previously named Hyundai Navarino
A U.S. Coast Guard flight surgeon instructed the crew of the Navarino to assess the sailor. The crew reported he was still experiencing some health issues, but had normal vital signs and was able to sleep. The Navarino will bring the sailor to its next port call, Los Angeles, Calf. on August 10, 2012.

The Navarino, managed by Costamare Shipping Company of Athens, Greece, enrolled in Amver on June 8, 2012 2010 and has earned two awards for participation.

The Navarino provides its vessel position through an agreement with Pole Star which gives commercial ships the opportunity to report to the Amver system automatically and free of charge as part of its Fleet Management system.

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Jack Dale said...

As the skipper of Turicum, I thought I should leave a big, somewhat belated, public thank you to CG Honolulu, AMVER and especially Captain Anthanasios Pagkalos and the crew of the MV Navarino for coming to our assistance. I have thanked each individually and privately prior.

Jack Dale