Monday, February 11, 2013

Carnival Triumph suffers engine room fire

According to a news release from Carnival, the Carnival Triumph experienced an engine room fire while sailing approximately 150 miles off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. The U.S. Coast Guard stated they have diverted the Coast Guard Cutter Vigorous and are maintaining communications with the ship.

Carnival also stated a sister ship and Amver participant, the Carnival Elation, was on the scene transferring food and other provisions to the Carnival Triumph. The Carnival Triumph is enrolled in Amver as well and rescued 20 Cuban migrants in 2007.

How does the Coast Guard respond?

When a large passenger ship experiences trouble at sea the Coast Guard springs into action. The United States Coast Guard has a robust Mass Rescue Operations program. In fact, there are international standards for cruise ships to prepare for such incidents. What sort of plans? Here are an example of the content available on mass rescue.
International Maritime Organization Guidance Documents on Mass Rescue (links to PDF files)

 Carnival has arranged for tug boats to tow the Carnival Triumph to port. The cruise line has established a customer service information number, 1-888-290-5095 for additional information.

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