Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day

Today is international Talk Like a Pirate Day! So avast me hearties, shiver your timbers and perch a parrot on your shoulder. But while you say Arrrr and wear an eye patch keep, this in mind- Piracy is still a serious scourge on the maritime sector and a danger to Amver participants.

The economic cost of piracy

In fact, according to the website Save Our Seafarers, piracy costs the world approximately:

  • $2,710 million  in fuel costs of increased speeds of vessels transiting through high risk areas
  • $1,270 million for military operations
  • $1,100 million for security equipment and armed guards
  • $635 million is attributed to insurance
  • $580 million is spent on re-routing vessels along the western coast of India
  • $195 million is estimated for increased labor costs and danger pay for seafarers
  • $160 million is paid in ransoms
  • $16 million is spent on the prosecution and imprisonment of Somali pirates

  • The human cost of piracy are even greater.

    So while it may be fun to talk like a pirate today, keep in mind the terrible cost real piracy costs each of us.

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