Thursday, January 30, 2014

Super Bowl party ship joins Amver

Norwegian Cruise Line's newest cruise ship, Norwegian Getaway, is more than a Super Bowl party ship, it's the latest member of the U.S. Coast Guard's worldwide search and rescue system; Amver.

The 1,063 foot cruise ship is moored at the New York Passenger Ship Terminal and christened the Bud Light Hotel. The ship is hosting more than 4,000 Super Bowl 48 guests. When not in port the Bahamian flagged cruise ship joins more than 20,000 other commercial ships available to assist in maritime emergencies at sea. "Norwegian Cruise Line is proud to host Super Bowl 48 guests in New York and also proud of our crew's dedication to safety at sea," said Captain Bjorn Ove Hansen, Norwegian Cruise Line Director of Nautical Operations.

Norwegian Cruise Line is no stranger to saving lives. Eleven of Norwegian Cruise Line's ships have earned recognition awards for their participation in the Amver system. "Our crew's work closely with the Coast Guard and search and rescue and medical evacuation cases and we are very proud of our cooperation,' Hansen added.

"Amver ships save a life a day," said Benjamin Strong, U.S. Coast Guard Amver Director, "and we're thrilled to have the Norwegian Getaway join the ranks of our life saving partners."

The Norwegian Getaway will begin sailing the Caribbean from Miami when it is finished at the Super Bowl.

Photo credit: Amver Maritime Relations

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