Thursday, October 9, 2014

Amver Updates Improve Polar Search and Rescue

Amver recently updated its Report Validation/Vessel Routing (RVVR) software as part of modernization efforts which have been in progress for the last eighteen months. This software is used by Amver watchstanders to monitor and correct vessel message traffic that cannot be processed automatically due to problems such as typos or inconsistent information. Manual intervention on these reports ensures that as much message traffic as possible is processed correctly by Amver for accurate use in a Surface Picture (SURPIC).

One of the updates to the application address the situation in which a watchstander must correct a report from a vessel that is currently on a voyage in the Polar region. In previous versions, it was impossible to modify turn points of a voyage route in latitudes that approached Polar extremes. With the updated version, alternative map projections centered on the poles can be used to view voyages in those regions. The projection functionality allows a watchstander to seamlessly transition from a typical Mercator-style map to a Polar stereographic view and edit voyage legs.

Although these Polar situations are uncommon at present, Amver is always attempting to look ahead and use technical upgrades such as those applied to RVVR to make the seas safer.

Photo credit: Amver Team

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