Monday, February 9, 2015

Amver tanker assists in rescue of 5: VIDEO AVAILABLE

The Amver participating tanker Aqualeader assisted in the rescue of five sailors after they alerted rescue personnel they were in distress 120 miles southwest of Monterey, Calif. on Saturday, January 31, 2015.

The distress was confirmed by a C-17 transport plane flying near the distress location. Crew members from the aircraft located the sailboat near the distress location. Rescue personnel from the U.S. Coast Guard Eleventh District launched rescue helicopters from  Air Station San Francisco and Air Station Los Angeles along with diverting the Liberian flagged tanker to assist. The Aqualeader was only 20 miles from the sailboat.

The captain of the 813-foot tanker arrived on scene and made one rescue attempt but was unable to safely come alongside the 65-foot sailboat. The Aqualeader's crew reported waves were eight to ten feet and winds were approximately ten knots. The Aqualeader positioned itself to block large waves and provide a lee for the helicopter rescue crew who successfully hoisted all five survivors to safety.

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The survivors were flown to shore with no injuries and the Aqualeader was released to continue on its voyage. The Aqualeader, managed by Unisea Shipping of Athens, Greece, enrolled in Amver on November 7, 2011 and has earned three Amver participation awards.

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Video credit: U.S. Coast Guard

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