Friday, June 26, 2015

Russian Amver ship assists ill sailor

The Amver participating tanker Nevskiy Prospect provided medication to an ill French sailor in the Atlantic on Tuesday, June 9, 2015.

Rescue personnel at MRCC Gris-Nez reported a 35 year old female aboard 43-foot sailboat sailing from the Caribbean to France was experiencing a medical issue and requested antibiotics and a doctor. U.S. Coast Guard rescue authorities assisted by running an Amver Surface Picture (SURPIC) and locating the Russian tanker Nevskiy Prospect. The crew of the Liberian flagged tanker agreed to divert and provide assistance.

"Please be advised that on 10 June 15 required medicines was send to sailing vessel. We will resume our voyage," captain Alexey Kozlov of the Nevskiy Prospect reported to Coast Guard officials. The crew of the sail boat confirmed they received the medicines and were continuing towards the Azores. The sailors said they would remain in contact with MRCC Gris-Nez.

The 820-foot tanker Nevskiy Prospect, an Amver participant since July 29, 2007 and managed by Unicom Management Services of Saint Petersburg, Russia, has earned four Amver participation awards.

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