Monday, December 28, 2015

International Amver operation assists sailboat near Bermuda

The combined international assistance of a Canadian HAM radio operator, rescue officials in Halifax, Canada, U.S. Coast Guard personnel in Virginia and an Amver ship provided assistance to a sailboat in distress 291 miles southwest of Bermuda on Sunday, December 6, 2015.

U.S. Coast Guard officials received a report of a disabled 43-foot sailboat from Canadian HAM radio operator Nycole Gaudreaul on a voyage from Norfolk, Va. to the Virgin Islands. The sailboat, the Black Cat, stated they were beset by weather and diverting to Puerto Rico but they didn't think they had enough fuel to make the journey.

Canadian rescue personnel in Halifax had the sailboat on a communications schedule. Halifax rescue authorities coordinated with the Coast Guard to find assistance. Using an Amver Surface Picture (SURPIC), rescue authorities identified the 605-foot bulk carrier Federal Miramichi which was only 50 miles away from the last known position of the Black Cat.

The crew of the Federal Miramichi agreed to assist the sailboat, quickly changed course and located the sailboat. The crew of the Federal Miramichi transferred 100 gallons of fuel, checked to make sure an ill yachtsman was able to continue on the sailboat and then departed on it intended voyage.

The Black Cat required no further assistance. The sailboat crew maintained a communications schedule with Nycole the HAM radio operator and arrived safely in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The Federal Miramici, on charter with FedNav Ltd in Montreal, Canada, enrolled in Amver on March 17, 2006 and earned two Amver participation awards.

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