Thursday, January 18, 2018

Amver Participating LNG Carrier Saves 6

The Amver participating LNG carrier Methane Kari Elin rescued six people from their 50-foot sailboat after the crew sent a distress text message that their boat had lost its rudder and they were taking on water approximately 1,200 miles east of San Juan, Puerto Rico on December 12, 2017.

U.S Coast Guard rescue personnel in San Juan, Puerto Rico received a report from the International Emergency Response Coordination Center that the 50-foot sailboat had suffered damage and was taking on water. Coast Guard personnel immediately sent messages to all available ships in the area and conducted an Amver Surface Picture. The Bermuda flagged LNG carrier Methane Kari Elin agreed to divert and assist the stricken sailors.

The crew of the 912-foot gas carrier posted additional look outs and arrived on the scene with the disabled sailboat. The crew then began rescue operations and successfully embarked the six survivors who were uninjured. The survivors remained aboard the ship until it reached its next port of call. The sailboat was left adrift approximately 1,100 miles east of Puerto Rico.

The Methane Kari Elin, managed by Shell International Trading and Shipping Company of London, enrolled in Amver on June 24, 2004 and has earned 10 Amver awards for participation.

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