Friday, April 17, 2009

Cruise Ship Explorer Investigation Report

Have you read the gCaptain post about the release of the Cruise Ship Explorer accident investigation report? You can read the post here. Among other things, the report specifically praised the Captain of the Explorer for his decision to have the passengers abandon ship. You can read the full report here (link to pdf).

The sinking of the Explorer underscores the importance of vessels participating in the Amver system (you can enroll your vessel here). As vessels transit austere areas of the world they become each others lifeline. Thankfully the Cruise Ship Nordnorge, an Amver participant, was available and rescued all passengers and crew. The incident also demonstrates the need for a robust mass rescue plan and adequate search and rescue plans of cooperation. To learn more about the United States Coast Guard Mass Rescue Program visit this link.

The master of the Nornorge (pictured above) during an awards ceremony in Washington, DC.

Photo credit: USCG Photo by Beverly Howard

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