Wednesday, August 19, 2009

British Rescue Authorities Request Amver Information To Assist British Rower Peter Bray

Peter Bray, a British adventurer, was trying to set a world record by rowing single handed across the Atlantic Ocean when he sent a distress call to search and rescue authorities. While the nature of his distress is still being determined, Rescue Coordination Center Falmouth requested Amver data to assist in their search and rescue efforts.

It appears the research vessel James Cook, of the Natural Environmental Research Council, Tweeted they were enroute to rescue Bray.

It turns out, however, the James Cook is not enrolled in the Amver system! Perhaps some Amver blog readers would like to email the ship operators here and encourage them to enroll in Amver? Let's see how the collective efforts of social media can work to get the ship enrolled.

We will keep you updated as we learn more about the ongoing rescue efforts.

Photo credit: Fotolia

Editor's Note: Within a few hours of this post the James Cook enrolled in the Amver system! Thanks to all of you who may have emailed the vessel operators!

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Anonymous said...

I ran the SURPIC for RCC Falmouth yesterday afternoon- one of the smoothest request turnarounds I've done in the last few months... via eMail. It would be great to get the story on all the cases we help with as it makes the effort by all parties a little more real- from those giving their reports for the updates, the technicians who maintain the system (which has gotten a lot faster as of late), to the Controllers who run the requests. Thank you AMVER!