Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Have You Ever Cruised On An Amver Ship?

USA Today recently wrote about an exciting way to cruise.  No, it's not on any of the new luxury cruise liners.  It isn't on a small sailing vessel either.  It is cruising on a cargo vessel!  What could be so exciting about cruising on a cargo ship?  To start with the ship may be enrolled in the Amver safety network.  If so you may in for the search and rescue adventure of a lifetime.  Having boarded some ships to meet survivors or congratulate crews, the Amver team knows many of today's vessels are well appointed.  We can only imagine how nice it must be to cruise on a vessel as it slowly steams across the ocean. 

How Do You Do It?

According to USA Today, companies such as freightercruises.com and freighterworld.com can make the necessary arrangements for you.  Once aboard don't expect throngs of tourists or port calls full of gift shops.  As the report stated, these are working ships that are in the commerce business, not tourism.  If you cruise on a commercial ship be sure to ask if the vessel is enrolled in Amver.  If not, direct the master here to learn how to enroll!

Have you cruised on a passenger ship?  What was it like?  Have you had passengers aboard your vessel?  Tell us what that was like.

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