Thursday, November 5, 2009

iPhone Applications for Amver?

My iPhone's Home Screen

While we don't have an Amver application for the iPhone (yet) gCaptain recently posted a great article that had 10 useful iPhone apps for those adrift at sea. The applications were:
  1. Sextant
  2. StarMap Pro
  3. Traveling Companion-True Compass
  4. Sunrise
  5. Tide Tables
  6. NOAA Raster Charts
  7. World Weather
  8. 1st Response Emergency Kit
  9. Emergency Beacon
  10. Ship It!
What's the best piece of equipment to have aboard your vessel if you end up in distress? An EPIRB of course, how else will search and rescue authorities and Amver ships find you?

Photo credit: mattjb


Justine said...

You can all try

We just released it on the App Store

Amver Maritime Relations said...

Thanks Justine! We appreciate the links to additional boating/safety applications.