Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Update On Weather Observations From NOAA

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Amver wants to pass along this information we received from our partners at NOAA. Their is a new and more streamlined E-mail address for ships to use to submit their weather observations. Please start sharing SHIPOBS@NOAA.GOV to all your ships that may be using the NOAA email process for submitting their ship observations and assist them in converting from our initial webship@inetsrv email address. This updated address allows routing redundancies to ensure receipt and processing within the NWS Telecommunication Gateway and onto the GTS.

It also allows the emailed ship observations to be shared with the USCG and the Amver program so all position reports are captured thus improving SOLAS support.

REMINDER - The observation MUST BE in the body of the email and it should be in TEXT format (NO HTML if possible - although scrubbing can occur - its just slows routing process down a bit) Ensure an equal sign (=) is affixed to the end of the message to tell the computers end of transmission.

Additional information on the Voluntary Weather Observation program can be found here.
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