Thursday, January 28, 2010

Amver Ships Brave Pacific Storm To Assist Fishing Vessel

On Sunday January 25th three Amver ships battled a major Pacific storm to assist a disabled Taiwanese fishing vessel 260 miles north of Midway Island.

Search and rescue authorities in Honolulu received the electronic distress alert for the fishing vessel Shun Fu Yu #86 and immediately sent a Coast Guard C-130 aircraft from Air Station Barbers Point, Hawaii. In addition to the aircraft, rescue personnel requested the Amver vessels Zhen Hua 18, Global Spirit, and Eilhard Schulte divert to the location of the fishing vessel as well.

According to vessels in the distress area, sea conditions were treacherous with high winds and waves over 21 feet. The Captain of the Zhen Hua 18, a Saint Vincent and Grenadines flagged ship, agreed to divert despite the rough weather but was later released because his vessel was too far from the distress location and weather conditions were deteriorating.

Coast Guard rescue personnel turned to the Liberian-flagged car carrier Global Spirit to continue towards the disabled fishing vessel. The Global Spirit, managed by World Marine Company of Japan, arrived on the scene but could not rescue the crew due to the severe sea conditions and high freeboard of the car carrier. "We attempted to flash lights at the vessel to determine if they had power," said Captain Cueto of the Global Spirit. "It appeared the fishing vessel did not have power and that people were on the deck wearing life jackets."

Another cargo ship, the Bernard Schulte-managed Eilhard Schulte, diverted to assist. The Liberian-flagged cargo ship arrived on scene and reported rough seas and winds more than 35 knots. The Eilhard Schulte will remain on scene until the fishing vessel's sister ship arrives and takes the disabled vessel in tow.

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