Thursday, January 21, 2010

From The Amver Archive

Enjoy this press release from Amver historical files.

From the Public Information Office, Third Coast Guard District, U.S. Customs House New York, N.Y. 10004 HA 2-5700, Extension 611.

For Immediate Release: No. 344-64

Amver Contract

The U. S. Coast Guard in New York has awarded a $39,747 contract to K.E.C. Associates, Inc 1638 201st Street., Bayside, New York, to prepare a new computer space for the Atlantic Merchant Vessel Report System (AMVER) in the U. S. Custom House.

AMVER is a voluntary merchant vessel position report system. Ships in the North Atlantic Ocean relay information to the Coast Guard in New York on their voyage. The computer stores this data until it is needed by the Coast Guard to provide a list of vessels with search and rescue capabilities near a distress scene.

A new electric data processing system will be installed to replace an existing system by October 30, 1964. The original computer system was placed in operation in July, 1958, when the Dutch liner S. S. Groote Beer sent the first AMVER message.

The new system will permit greater efficiency and range, including an AMVER plot for the South Atlantic Ocean immediately and one for the Pacific Ocean later.

Normally, the Coast Guard has on plot in the Atlantic Ocean more than 900 vessels of 62 nations that participate in the voluntary maritime safety program.

Photo credit: USCG historical photo

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