Monday, October 18, 2010

Amver, the original crowd source program

Ryan Skinner, on his relaunched blog ShipCrunch, recently wrote about the maritime industry and crowdsourcing.  Ryan's blog post highlighted a real time piracy tool that uses the crowd to collect piracy data, mash it up, and then provide it as a product to the maritime community.  Kind of sounds like what Amver does with ship positions for search and rescue doesn't it?

The whole social media craze got us thinking.  Was Amver the first organization to use crowdsourcing?  We might have been.  When you consider that back in 1958 we were encouraging the commercial maritime sector, the "crowd", to voluntarily provide their positions to the Coast Guard, then mashing the data for use in search and rescue incidents, we think we were the first!
So join the latest craze!  Join Amver and demonstrate your Web 2.0 prowess, or nostalgia depending on how you look at things.  Regardless of your motivation, your enrollment and participation helps mash data to save lives at sea.

If you don't believe us just see what PBS wrote about Amver!  What do you think? 
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