Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Amver and the yachting community

When you think of Amver you often thing of our rescues involving yachtsmen in trouble somewhere in the ocean.  We've also rescued our share of merchant seamen as well.  But one segment of the maritime community that is often overlooked is the mega yacht community.

Mega yachts often sail in the same waters as larger ships, have professional crews, and often  have the same (if not more) sophisticated communications and medical equipment than larger commercial ships.

So what's the point?  Why are we mentioning mega yachts?  Because Shelly Banjo wrote an interesting article in the New York Section of the Wall Street Journal about people using their yachts for aid.

Shelly wrote about the Timoneer, a 146 foot yacht that carried school supplies to Easter Island.  If the Timoneer is willing to volunteer to haul supplies to far away places, perhaps they could enroll in Amver.  In fact, mega yachts are encouraged to enroll in Amver.  Not convinced?  Just see what Sail World wrote about enrolling your mega yacht in the Amver system. 

If you own a mega yacht would you consider joining the Amver system?

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