Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Welcome Wednesday!

As the calendar speeds towards February we are happy to bring you another edition of our Welcome Wednesday Amver post.  One of the things we have always wondered is just how does a ship get its name?  We have seen some interesting names posted on this post and we wonder where they come from. Does your ship have an interesting name?  Why not enroll it in Amver so we can see it too?  On with the latest ships joining the Amver ranks.

  •          F WHALE                 
  •          JUPITER CHARM           
  •          ANANGEL DAWN            
  •          FORTUNE BIRD            
  •          PRIME EXPRESS           
  •          NORDIC VICTORY          
  •          EVERGREEN STATE         
  •          NAVIG8 HONOR            
  •          ZOSCO SHANGHAI          
  •          KALAMAS                 
  •          AMIYA SCAN              
  •          CMB MAE                 
  •          CLIPPER AKI             
  •          OOCL SAVANNAH           
  •          ARRILAH-I               
  •          MSC GENOVA              
  •          ZHI QIANG               
  •          DEVON                   
  •          RAHI                    
  •          SITC NINGBO             
  •          BOURBON OCEANTEAM 104   
  •          SAFMARINE NILE          
  •          CHRYSANTHEMUM           
  •          FOURSEAS SW             
  •          DAI SHAN HAI            
  •          UNITED HONOR            
  •          VIRTUOUS STRIKER        
  •          DONG-A TYCHE            
  •          PANAMERICANA            
If you know how a ship gets its name feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Photo credit: Fotolia

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