Monday, November 28, 2011

Amver tanker rescues heart attack victim

On Thursday November 24, 2011 the Amver participating tanker Clipper Daisy rescued a 56 year old sailor suffering a possible heart attack aboard his sailboat 170 miles southwest of Bermuda. Another Amver ship, the Mary Ann Hudson also diverted to assist but wasn't needed.

The Marshall Island flagged tanker was only 120 miles away from the 36 foot sailboat when U.S. Coast Guard rescue personnel requested it divert and assist the operator of the Canadian sailing vessel Argo V. The yachtsmen's condition had been discussed with a Canadian doctor through a communication network involving HAM radio operators in Montreal and Coast Guard personnel in Portsmouth, Virginia.

The Clipper Daisy arrived on scene and safely transferred the sailor. The Clipper Daisy crew gave him food and medication but he remained weak. Captain Vivek Srivastava, operator of the Clipper Daisy, reported the sailors condition to the Coast Guard and immediately changed course for Bermuda. After arriving in Bermuda the patient was transferred by small boat to paramedics who rushed him to the hospital where it was confirmed the patient suffered a heart attack. Bermuda medical personnel reported the sailor was admitted to the hospital in stable condition.

The Clipper Daisy, managed by Clipper Group Management of the Bahamas, enrolled in the Amver system on December 27, 1998.

Photo credit: vessel

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