Monday, July 29, 2019

Amver Participating Cruise Ship Saves Three

Three crew were rescued by the Amver participating cruise ship Sea Princess after their 100-foot passenger ship sank approximately 171 miles south of Haiti on Saturday, July 27, 2019.

U.S. Coast Guard rescue personnel in San Juan received a call for assistance from rescue authorities at Rescue Coordination Center Curacao. RCC Curacao reported the 100-foot passenger vessel Miss Debbie was taking on water and suffering an engine failure. The supply vessel reported winds of 18 knots and waves of six to ten feet.

Coast Guard personnel immediately queried the Amver system and located the 856-foot cruise ship Sea Princess and requested the ship divert and assist in search and rescue operations. The crew of the Bermuda flagged cruise ship changed course and headed to the last known position of the Miss Debbie.

Rescue authorities in Curacao launched an aircraft and located the three survivors in a life raft. The vessel had completely sunk. The Sea Princess arrived on scene within three hours of being notified and rescued the three people from their life raft. The survivors will disembark in Curacao.

The Sea Princess, managed by Princess Cruise Lines, joined Amver on December 6, 1998 and has earned more than 13 participation awards.

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