Friday, July 26, 2019

Greek Amver Bulker Saves Sailor In Dramatic Atlantic Rescue

The Greek Amver participating bulk ship Virtuous Striker saved a sailor from his stricken catamaran approximately 330 miles south east of Nantucket on Wednesday, July 24, 2019.

U.S Coast Guard rescue personnel at the First District Command Center received a Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon alert for the 37-foot catamaran Ishmael and launched a Coast Guard search aircraft and diverted the Amver bulk ship Virtuous Striker via an Amver Surface Picture.
The captain of the Virtuous Striker reported winds of greater than 50 knots and waves exceeding 10 feet. "It will take us approximately 14 hours to arrive on scene but we are diverting to assist," he reported to rescue authorities.

The Coast Guard aircraft was able to locate the sailing vessel and drop a radio and survival supplies. Radio communications were difficult because of the severe weather conditions.

The Amver ship was able to locate the sailor. The weather conditions had improved somewhat with winds decreasing to 25-knots and waves down to 8 to 10-feet. "We have safely rescued the sailor"," captain Vitaliy Skidanov reported to the Coast Guard. "He will remain with us until we arrive at our next port call in Mississippi."

The Virtuous Striker, managed by Enterprise Shipping and Trading of Greece, enrolled in Amver on January 21, 2011 and has earned ten Amver participation awards.

video credit: U.S. Coast Guard

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