Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Herman Melville

Amver wishes Herman Melville a happy 190th birthday from his birthplace at 6 Pearl Street in Manhattan.

"Oh give me again the rover's life-the joy, the thrill, the whirl! Let me feel thee again old sea! Let me leap into thy saddle once more. I am sick of these terra-firma toils and cares; sick of the dust and reek of towns. Let me hear the clatter of hailstones on icebergs, and not the dull tramp of these plodders, plodding their dull way from their cradles to their graves. Let me snuff they up, sea breeze! And whinny in thy spray. Forbid it, sea gods! Intercede for me with Neptune, O sweet Aphrodite, that no dull clod may fall on my coffin! Be mine the tomb that swallowed up Pharaoh and all his hosts; let me lie down with Drake where he sleeps in the sea."

Herman Melville
White Jacket, 1850

For an interesting take on Melville and ways to apply his writing to leadership be sure to check out Peter Mello's blog Sea Fever.

You can also track the Amver participating research vessel Melville here.

How have Melville's writings influenced you?

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Rob Velella said...

Very interesting - and I'm happy to see this tribute to Melville on his 190th. For another interesting point of view, feel free to take a look at my quick birthday message to Melville on my blog,

Amver Maritime Relations said...

Thank you for the comment and link to your blog. Melville's writings have influenced many mariners and we are lucky to have our office right across the street from his birthplace.

You aren't the same mystery person that leaves a rose and cognac each year at Poe's grave are you?

Peter. A Mello, Sea-Fever blog said...

How the heck did I miss this!!!

Sea-Fever's first commercial! Very cool and thanks so much for the kind words.

Keep up the great work @Amver leading the way with social media in the maritime world and the government sector!

You Rock (the boat)!