Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Amver ship sinks, crew rescued

Tradewinds reported the Amver participating Capsize, Bright Century, sank off the coast of China after colliding with the Liberian flagged bulker Sea Success early Monday morning, May 3rd. The Bright Century enrolled in the Amver system in October, 1999.

The Bright Century, a 10 time Amver award recipient, managed by Bernhard Schulte-Hong Kong, was underway with a cargo of iron ore. According to Tradewinds, quoting Chinese officials, the crews of both vessels were rescued unharmed.

This collision continues to demonstrate the dangers of shipping, particularly in high traffic areas. While we won’t speculate on what caused the collision you can read Clay Maitland’s recent post on electronic “gizmo's” on the bridge and how they may contribute to distractions. Tradewinds reported there was heavy fog at the time of the collision.

What do you think are the biggest threats to shipping? Poor vessel traffic management, bridge team distractions, or a reliance on technology?

Photo credit: Fotolia


Raghvendra Raghav said...

I signed off from Bright Century just about 30 Days prior Collision as Captain . Quite surprised after hearing this news. It was good Ship.
Capt. Raghvendra Raghav
Pune, India

Amver Maritime Relations said...

Thanks for the comment, Captain. We appreciate the insight from our Amver participants. We were saddened to learn Bright Century sank, but heartened to learn the crews of both vessels were rescued unhurt.

Again, thank you for your service and keep reading!