Friday, May 7, 2010

Final update: Russian ship attacked by pirates

Several sources reported that Russian commandos stormed the Amver participating tanker Moscow University late Thursday evening. After a brief exchange of gunfire, which left one pirate dead and 10 more in custody, the Moscow University crew came out of hiding and the ship was freed.

Tradewinds reported because the crew could not identify the pirates, the Russian Navy was forced to release the hijackers. The fact that the Russian Navy released these obvious pirates only underscores the topsy-turvy nature of the legal situation in regards to Somali piracy. There is no clear process for piracy prosecution. Plenty has been written about what to do with Somali pirates but nothing seems to be happening.

We are glad the crew of the Moscow University is free, that no commandos were injured, and a clear message has been sent to Somali pirates. Will that message resonate?

Photo credit: Fotolia

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