Monday, May 3, 2010

Deepwater Horizon; stopping the oil and spreading the word


There is plenty of information available on the Deepwater Horizon incident. The Joint Information Center is busy putting out a steady stream of important information on the incident and should be your first stop when looking for latest official news.

Amver isn't in the business of oil spill response. We don't pretend to know how the oil business works or how to stop a spill of this magnitude. We do, however, reach many people and have lots of people share ideas with us. That is what sparked this post.

If you are a member of the social networking site LinkedIn, check out the Maritime Network discussion on suggested methods to stop the leak. Another good source for discussion on this incident is the gCaptain forums. There is a specific forum thread on the Deepwater Horizon situation on gCaptain.

Finally, you can follow the incident on Facebook, Twitter, find photos on Flickr, view videos on YouTube, or sign up for official emails here.

Photo credit: United States Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer Patrick Kelley

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