Thursday, September 23, 2010

Amver awards in Geneva, Switzerland

The steamship La Suisse served as a perfect venue for an Amver awards ceremony honoring 12 Swiss Amver participants on Tuesday September 14, 2010.  Hundreds people attended the ceremony and reception aboard the 100 year old steamship as it cruised around Lake Geneva.  Mr. Hubert Thyssen, President of the Propeller Club, Port of Geneva coordinated the event.  The Port of Dunkerque sponsored the event.  

Among the highlights of the evening was a presentation of a 25 year crystal globe to the M/V Orange Blossom for 25 years of Amver participation.  The Orange Blossom wasn't the only ship earning awards.  36 ships from 12 companies earned Amver participation awards.

Swiss Amver Award recipients

Congratulations to the following companies who earned awards-

Thank you Mr. Thyssen and the Port of Dunkerque for your support.

Additional photos of the ceremony and reception are available here.

If you want to earn awards like these Swiss ships you can enroll and begin reporting to Amver.

Photo credit: USCG photo by Beverly Howard

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