Thursday, September 9, 2010

Greek Amver ship rescues 4

We recently received an email from the Amver participating Greek tanker Cyclades with news they rescued four Filipino sailor in the Sulu Sea on September 3rd.

Captain  Daglas Panagiotis wrote the officer on watch "... observed a flooded motor boat with four persons..." in distress and calling for assistance.  While Captain Panagiotis tried in vain to notify local Coast Guard officials, his crew prepared for rescue operations.

Within 10 minutes of locating the four sailors a rescue boat was lowered from the Cyclades and was motoring towards them.  30 minutes after the ordeal began it was over, with four sailors safely aboard the Cyclades.

"We offered them food and clothing and let them call their families from the bridge," said Captain Panagiotis.  Once the survivors made notification their families were able to send a small boat to the Cyclades and embark the four.

The Cyclades enrolled in the Amver system on October 26, 2004 and is managed by the Marmaras Navigation in Piraeus, Greece.

Photo credit: Crew of the M/V Cylcades

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