Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Announcing Portfire40

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Portfire40! What is it and who's behind it?  Recently Amver was approached by Ryan Skinner about an idea similar to Tradewinds Power 100; the most influential and powerful people in shipping.  It was the Power 100 that helped spur a new program to recognize people wielding"alternative power" in shipping.  Who are these alternative power brokers?  You decide.

According to Shiptalk, Portfire40 is a list, a dynamic list, of 40 personalities who represent new thought leadership, innovation, personality, or dynamism in the shipping sector.
Skinner sums it up like this.  "The Portfire 40 is a list of those shipping personalities who haven't inherited a shipping empire but rather carved out a significant change in the industry with passion and pride."  Ryan reminds us that the maritime industry is full of people who are more interested in a desire to enrich society.  Those folks will likely never appear in the Power 100.

Doesn't that sound like something worth supporting?  We certainly do!
Put on your thinking cap.  Start whittling down who you want to nominate as a member of the Portfire40 list.

Who else is involved in Portfire 40?

 Directions on how and where to submit names will be forthcoming.  We'll keep you posted.

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