Friday, November 26, 2010

Greek Amver tanker rescues 2

Two American sailors experienced Greek hospitality first hand after they launched several distress flares and were rescued by the crew of the Amver participating tanker Triathlon.  The Triathlon witnessed the flares on November 21st while sailing near Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean.  At approximately 2138 local time the bridge crew saw the flares and called Captain Glagaris Georgios to the bridge where he ordered all engines standby.  Within 10 minutes of seeing the flare Captain Georgios had a rescue team in the water heading to the stricken sailboat.



Captain Georgios was in contact with Rescue Coordination Center Bermuda and his vessel management as he maneuvered the 900 foot tanker to provide a lee for the sailboat and made a rescue attempt but had to break off the rescue because of high winds and large ocean swells.  A second attempt was tried but had to be aborted because the Triathlon could not get lines on the sailboat.  The third attempt was successful and the sailboat was able to make fast alongside the tanker.  Lowering the embarkation ladder, the Triathlon crew assisted the two sailors aboard the Greek flagged tanker and provided first aid, food, and water.  Thankfully the two survivors were unhurt.

Captain Georgios radioed rescue authorities in Bermuda and arranged to have a vessel meet the ship when it arrived at the pilot station in Bermuda.  After meeting the pilot boat and disembarking the survivors, the Triathlon made full away to its next port in Nigeria.



Thank you Captain Georgios and crew of the Triathlon for saving two lives!  Other ships can join this elite group of lifesavers by enrolling in Amver today.

Photo credit: Crew of the Triathlon
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