Monday, November 22, 2010

Two Singapore Amver ships assisting in separate resuces

Atlantic Amver Rescue

In the first case the Amver center received a message from the MTM Westport this weekend that they rescued two sailors, one German and one Brazilian, from their disabled sailboat.  The sailboat, the Knutt, was off the coast of Africa and dead in the water when the Hong Kong flagged tanker was requested to assist.

The MTM Westport, managed by MTM Ship management of Singapore, enrolled in the Amver system on February 28th, 2010.  The Master of the Westport reported both survivors were in good health.

Pacific Amver Rescue

The second case involves the Amver Ro/Ro Hoegh Kobe, a Singapore flagged automobile carrier, that responded to the a call from the United States Coast Guard 14th District rescue coordinators to divert and assist the 43 foot sailboat Currandera which was disabled approximately 240 miles North of Christmas Islands.  The Hoegh Kobe, managed by Hoegh Autoliners, has passed fuel to the Currandera and remains on scene in case the crew needs to abandon ship.

We will update the blog as we learn more about the Hoegh Kobe case.

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