Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Welcome Wednesday!

It has been a busy time here at Amver.  The 2009 Amver awards should have arrived at your location by now.  Keep in mind these awards are distributed to your ship manager, so they may not have been distributed to your ship yet.  Over 5,000 awards were distributed this year.  Without the help of the entire Amver team- Beverly, Zana, and Vicky, they never would have been completed.  These hard working women deserve a hat tip from everyone.  We hope next year brings even more Amver award recipients. 

How will we reach that lofty goal?  Through the enrollment of more ships like the 31 that enrolled last week.  Please help us welcome these new lifesavers.
  •          NAVIOS POLLUX           
  •          CMA CGM CENDRILLON      
  •          KEA                     
  •          ROME TRADER             
  •          CYAN PHOENIX            
  •          KATSURA                 
  •          C WHALE                 
  •          MARIPOSA                
  •          ORIENT TRANSIT          
  •          HEROIC STRIKER          
  •          TRITON                  
  •          GREAT HEBEI             
  •          ATTALLIA                
  •          DORO                    
  •          HERMANN S               
  •          IAN M                   
  •          DHL PACIFIC             
  •          MARIA PRINCESS          
  •          NORD PISCES             
  •          TRES HOMBRES            
  •          CHANGUINOLA I           
  •          SVYATOGOR              
  •          TAURUS                  
  •          BLUE PACIFIC            
  •          CAPE SAKURA             
  •          TUJU ARROW              
  •          MORNING LAURA           
  •          ASIAN TOMORROW          
  •          MOL MATRIX              
  •          ASIA BRAVE              
  •          CSC AUSPICIOUS     

Thank you for helping ensure no call for help goes unanswered.  Your participation helps save lives.

Photo credit: Fotolia    

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