Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Amver congratulates The Federal Maritime Commission on 50 year anniversary

The United States Federal Maritime Commission turns 50 this year. What is the FMC?  According to their website-

The Federal Maritime Commission:
  • Monitors activities of ocean common carriers, marine terminal operators, conferences, ports, and ocean transportation intermediaries (OTIs) who operate in the U.S. foreign commerce to ensure they maintain just and reasonable practices, and oversees the financial responsibility of passenger vessel operators.
  • Maintains a trade monitoring and enforcement program designed to assist regulated entities in achieving compliance, and to detect and appropriately remedy malpractices and violations set forth in section 10 of the Shipping Act.
  • Monitors the laws and practices of foreign governments which could have a discriminatory or otherwise adverse impact on shipping conditions in the U.S.
  • Enforces special regulatory requirements applicable to ocean common carriers owned or controlled by foreign governments ("controlled carriers").
  • Processes and reviews agreements and service contracts.
  • Reviews common carriers’ privately published tariff systems for accessibility and accuracy.
  • Issues licenses to qualified OTIs in the U.S. and ensures all maintain evidence of financial responsibility.
  • Ensures passenger vessel operators demonstrate adequate financial responsibility for casualty and non-performance.
Happy birthday FMC from your friends at Amver! Read more about their 50th anniversary in Chairman Lidinsky's comments.


Richard Lidinsky said...

Thank you Amver for your congratulations on our 50th Anniversary. I had the honor of presenting your awards last September in Hong Kong and was proud to be a part of your great tradition---keep up the good work!

Chairman Richard A. Lidinsky, Jr.
Federal Maritime Commission

Amver Maritime Relations said...

Thank you Chairman for your comments. We're glad you were able to participate in an Amver awards ceremony. We stand ready, as shipmates, to assist the Commission any way we can.

Best wishes for a successful anniversary year!