Friday, February 25, 2011

Announcing the Quarterdeck Podcast

Welcome to the first edition of the Quarterdeck! What is a quarterdeck? According to Wikipedia, traditionally in port, the quarterdeck is the most important place on the ship, and is the central control point for all its major activities. We believe the Quarterdeck podcast will be an important part of your maritime listening and hope it will become a central point of your listening.

The Quarterdeck podcast, brought to you by Amver, will be a monthly discussion between Mr. Benjamin Strong and Admiral James Watson Deputy Commander of the U.S. Coast Guard Atlantic Area. Topics will vary between search and rescue, inspections, maritime safety, interviews with influential maritime figures, and whatever else is timely or important in the maritime sector.  Most importantly we want YOU to tell us what you want to hear.

Here is a direct link to the Quarterdeck audio file.

The Quarterdeck transcript is available here.

Leave your show suggestions and questions in the comments.

A special thanks to our friend Barbara Patton for designing the Quarterdeck logo.

The Quarterdeck theme song is Botany Bay by the Blaggards, available on


veryuseful said...

Ben, Way to go shipmate! Thanks to both you and Vice Admiral Parker.

Anonymous said...

Your RSS feed for the podcast doesn't seem to be working with iTunes yet.

Amver Maritime Relations said...

Thanks Daren. That was Admiral Watson you heard as our co-host though!

Amver Maritime Relations said...

We are also working on an iTunes feed. Until that's ready you can still listen to the podcast from our site.

Stay tuned, the iTunes submission is in the works!

More importantly, thank you for listening (and reading).