Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welcome Wednesday!

32 ships enrolled in Amver in the past week. Thank you for the continued support of this remarkable search and rescue system. Are you hesitant to enroll? Are you worried your vessel positions may be exploited for reasons other than search and rescue? We take great pride in the fact Amver position reports are only used in actual maritime emergencies.

Other products, such as our density plot, may show vessel position trends but never identify actual Amver participants. The only identifying information is disclosed is during search and rescue incidents and then only to professional search and rescue agencies. Now, let's welcome the latest members of the Amver safety network!

  •          CITRON                  
  •          UNITED IDEAL            
  •          CSAV RIO MALLECO        
  •          YIN PING                
  •          JEWEL OF DUBAI          
  •          CECILIE K               
  •          CHEM NORMA              
  •          PARAMOUNT HYDRA         
  •          EMERALD EXPRESS         
  •          POINSETTIA              
  •          MAGSENGER 1             
  •          BOW HECTOR              
  •          BORKUM                  
  •          BENITO BUONO            
  •          GLOBAL PASSION          
  •          ASTORIA                 
  •          LYMAN MARTIN            
  •          PACIFIC VALOUR          
  •          SAIPEM 10000            
  •          GOLDEN SHADOW           
  •          VANSHI                  
  •          CMA CGM WAGNER          
  •          OCTOPUS                 
  •          VENUS SPIRIT            
  •          ALMATHEA                
  •          AD MATSU                
  •          IVS KNOT                
  •          DALMATIA                
  •          STX EDELWEISS           
  •          COLUMBIA                
  •          OMAHA BELLE             
  •          SANKO ORION             
Are you ready to enroll your ship in Amver?

Photo credit: Fotolia

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