Thursday, July 7, 2011

Amver participating container ship rescues 4 sailors and cat

Four sailors and a cat are celebrating their nine lives after a hair raising rescue. The group was sailing their 30 foot sailboat from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to their home in Oregon. "We struck a submerged object and lost steering," stated one of the yachtsmen.

The sailors sent out several distress calls and the Hong Kong flagged container ship OOCL Guangzhou heard their call for assistance and diverted to render assistance. The Captain of the OOCL Guangzhou, which enrolled in the Amver system on June 22, 2010, embarked the four sailors after attempts to repair the sailboat failed.

Once the sailors were safely aboard the OOCL Guangzhou the Captain radioed the United States Coast Guard and arranged to meet with the Coast Guard Cutter Galveston Island. The container ship and Coast Guard Cutter rendezvoused near Oahu, Hawaii and the survivors were transferred aboard the Galveston Island.

Photo credit: USCG photo by Petter Officer 3rd Class Anthony L. Soto

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