Thursday, July 21, 2011

Greek ship saves Indonesians adrift at sea

We just learned that the Greek Amver participating ship Nena C rescued six Indonesian people, including a 10 year old boy, after their small boat capsized near Buru Island, Indonesia June 17, 2011.

The 606 foot Panamanian flagged bulk carrier was on a voyage from the Philippines to Australia when they encountered the people in the water. "After sighting people in the water without any lifesaving devices the crew immediately commenced man overboard maneuvers," stated the Captain of the Nena C in an email to the Amver center. "The weather was fresh with a light south southeast breeze and moderate seas up to 2.5 meters," he added.

Lookouts were posted and a rescue boat was launched. Four survivors were immediately rescued by the boat crew while the lookouts directed the rescue boat towards two additional survivors. Within two hours of locating the people in the water they were all safely aboard the Nena C.

The survivors stated they were sailing in a speed boat from Buru Island to Ambon City when their boat capsized and sank.

The survivors were transferred to Coast Guard authorities at the entrance of Teluk Kayeli Bay and taken to Namlea Port.

The Nena C, managed by Fairsky Shipping and Trading Company of Athens, enrolled in Amver in 1998.




Photo credit: vessel photo courtesy of
rescue photos courtesy of the crew of the M/V Nena C

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