Friday, July 22, 2011

Amver participating Singapore ship saves four fishermen

The Amver participating bulk ship Okiana was on a routine voyage from Savannah, Ga. to Cristobal, Panama when the ship was requested by U.S. Coast Guard rescue personnel to divert and assist a fishing vessel in distress approximately 54 miles east of San Andres Island, Columbia. Captain Leonardo Guieb quickly guided the 652 foot ship towards the fishing boat, which was only 23 miles away.

Captain Guieb ordered the crew to prepare rescue equipment, readied the thrusters and switched the steering to manual. Lookouts were posted and the Captain continued to update rescue authorities in Miami, Fla.

Once Captain Guieb was alongside the disabled fishing vessel his crew embarked one of the four fishermen to discuss possible repairs to the disabled craft. Despite the best efforts of the Okiana crew, they were unable to fix the boat. The three remaining fishermen boarded the Okiana and were given food, water, and accommodations. Their fishing boat was left adrift and the survivors were taken to the Panama Canal where they disembarked.

Once aboard the  Singapore flagged Okiana the fishermen told Captain Guieb they had  been adrift for 20 days surviving on dried fish. When congratulated by the Amver staff for a job well done, Captain Guieb replied in an email "We just did what we believe is our moral obligation to render assistance to anyone who is in peril in the sea."

Well done Captain Guieb and the crew of the Okiana!

Here are some photos of the rescue operations-

The fishing vessel Melany, adrift for 23 days

The crew of the M/V Okiana prepare for rescue operations

The first survivor is aboard the M/V Okiana discussing repair options to his fishing boat

Photo credits: Ship's photo credit of
                      Rescue photos courtesy of the crew of the M/V Okiana

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