Monday, February 27, 2012

Amver cruise ship rescues 3 fishermen

The Amver participating cruise ship Seabourn Odyssey recently rescued three fishermen adrift in the Pacific for three weeks.

According to a report in USA Today, the trio had been surviving on rain water and their catch of fish after running out of fuel. The disabled boat was 150 miles southwest of Pago Pago when the Seabourn Odyssey bridge crew noticed the boat on the horizon and deviated towards the boat. According to the Seabourn blog, the fishermen waved their shirts when they saw the cruise ship approaching. The ship deployed one of its rescue boats and, after determining that they were no threat, rescued three fishermen who had been lost at sea for nearly three weeks! The crew transferred them to the rescue boat and took them to the ship, where they were immediately checked out by the ship’s doctor. While they were dehydrated, hungry and had a few skin sores from the sun, the three men were in surprisingly good health considering they had been drifting at sea for weeks.

The Seabourn Odyssey enrolled in the Amver system in 2010. Bravo Zulu to Captain Mark Dexter and the crew for ensuring no call for help goes unanswered!

Photo credit: Seabourn Blog

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